Center for Materials and Microsystems

Applied research centre on materials and interfaces, devices, microsystems and integrated systems.

Keywords: Materials, Microsystems, Integrated Systems, Devices

Center for Information and Communication Technology

ICT focus on the individual for improving the quality of life

Keywords: Information Technology; Cmmunication Technology; Social and Econocic Impact

National Council for Research, Biophysics Institut

Focus on bacterial and animal protein toxins.

Keywords: Bacterial and Animal Toxins; Macromolecular Complexes; Sensory Photobiophysics; Biological Models

European Center for theoretical studies in nuclear physics and related areas

Research on nuclear physics field.

Keywords: Astrophysics, Particle Physics; Condensed Matter Physics; Many-Body Theory; Bose-Einstein Condensation; Computational Physics

Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies

Center for public policies analysis.

Keywords: Evaluation of Public Policies; Social Impact; Design Public Solutions

International center for Mathematics research

Organize seminar and meeting weeks on mathematics research.

Keywords: Mathematic Research

Center for Religious studies

Understanding of the multi-faceted relationship between religion and innovation.

Keywords: Religion-Innovation; Philosophy; Theology; History; Ethics

Explorative Projects

Explore the possibility of expanding the research area.

Keywords: Social Innovations, Active projects; Extend Research Area

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