Sensor Characterization and Calibration (know-how)

Analysis and Validation of sensors performances

Keywords: Optical Active Sensors, Laser Scanners, Industrial Inspections, Videometrics and Machine Vision, Conservation and Representation of Cultural and Natural Heritages, 3D Monitoring, Modelling and Mapping

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) (know-how)

Capacity to pick up solar power and convert it in usable energy

Keywords: Simulation & Modelling, Solar Thermodynamic Systems, Micro-Cogeneration, CSP, Green Systems, Solar Energy, Heating

Hydrogen technologies (know-how)

Developing solution to use Hydrogen to store energy and convert it in electrical power.

Keywords: Simulation & Modelling, Hydrogen Storage, Green Systems, Energy Storage, Electrical Power Conversion, Heating

Smart buildings & Communities (know-how)

Develop solution to reduse energy consumption in public and private buildings.

Keywords: Green Buildings, Reduce Global Environment, Reduce wastfulness, Green City, Future Design, Heating

Code analysis and testing (know-how)

Provide advanced testing techniques and tools.

Keywords: Testing, Case Generation, Model Driven, Code Analysis

Software engineering and requirement analysis (know-how)

Menagement of complex software systems.

Keywords: Software Systems Analysis, Risk Modelling and Measuring, Elicitation and Evolution

High resolution geo data (know-how)

System for spatial and geographical data collection.

Keywords: Geo Information, Information Collection System, Data Management, Mapping

Data mining and predictive analysis (know-how)

Processes for analysing data and generate prediction.

Keywords: Prediction, Modelling, Data Analysis

Information extraction (know-how)

Solution to semplify information extraction.

Keywords: Knowledge Elicitation, Data Collection, Translation

Knowledge management system (know-how)

Semplify team work using systems to manage knowledge.

Keywords: Orgnaizer, Infromation Management, Knowledge Sharing

Energy efficient networked embedded system (know-how)

Energy efficient embedded systems hardware and software development

Keywords: Wearables Systems Energy, Wireless sensor networks, Battery-Powered, Power Consumption

Wearables, body sensor and actuator networks (know-how)

Werable computing and body sensors and actuators networks


ICT tools for monitoring patients/citizens health condition (know-how)

ICT offer tools to people involved in the management of the care and welfare

Keywords: ICT Systems for e-health, Management Support, Citizen as Active Players

Integrated management of patients with chronic desease (know-how)

ICT offer tools for manage patients with chronic desease, to support decision-make and increase the autonomy of patients

Keywords: Primary caregivers, Remote Monitoring, Remote Assistance, Systems Supporting Patient's Empowerment, Health/Disease Management, Formalization and Exploitation of Medical Knowledge

Embedded system (know-how)

Design, developement and verification of embedded system

Keywords: Embedded Systems, Design, Development and Verification, Computer-Based Systems

3D modelling (know-how)

Metrology and 3D survey and analysis techniques

Keywords: 3D monitoring, modelling and mapping, digital reconstruction, GIS and cartography application, human body modelling, photogrammetry, videometrics and machine vision

Machine translation (know-how)

Integration of human and Machine translation

Keywords: Translation Tools, Interactive Post-Editing, Improved system for Language Evaluation

Design for quality of life (know-how)

Design socio-technical system to empower people and communities quality of life and wellbeing.

Keywords: Social Technologies, Benefits and Welfare, Quality of Life, Human Behaviors

Smart Interfaces (know-how)

Develop intelligent and interactive interfaces

Keywords: Social Technologies, Benefits and Welfare, Semplify Life Activities, Human Behaviors

Image understanding (know-how)

Recognizing and classifying all the entities appearing in an image

Keywords: Image Classification and Retrieval, Object Detection and Localization, Text Extraction and Pattern Detection

3D Image sensors (know-how)

Design, simulation and fabbrication of 3D Image sensors

Keywords: CMOS Technolgies, Photo-Demodulators Devices, 3D Image Sensors

Silicon Photomultipliers (know-how)

Development of new SiPM technologies, aimed the the optimization of different detector parameters

Keywords: SiPM Technologies, Detector Parameters, Custom Testing Programs, Photo Detection Efficiency, Positron Emission Tomography

Multispectral and Terahertz detectors (know-how)

Several sensing principles in order to obtain multispectral sensing and imaging devices

Keywords: Multispectral Sensing and Imaging Devices, CMOS Technologies, THz Radiation

Monitoring and video analytics (know-how)

Develope computer vision non-invasive technologies for monitoring complex environments and for dynamic scene understanding

Keywords: Environment Monitoring, Scene Understanding, Object Tracking, People Re-Identification, Activity Recognition, Behavior Analysis, Anomaly Detection

Augmented reality (know-how)

Develope low-complexity computer vision methods for relate services

Keywords: Geo-Referenced information, Pattern and Landmark Detection, Camera-to-World Registration, Text Detection in Scene Images, Gesture and Activity Recognition

Web-based authentication and authorization protocols (know-how)

Aim at securing the interaction between web-applications.

Keywords: Web Security Protocols, Authentication and Authorization Management

Mobile security (know-how)

Support authentication and authorization protocols on mobile devices

Keywords: Systematic Security Analysis, Anddroid Security, Authentication and Authorization Protocols

Securityh of cloud-based and service-oriented applications and infrastructure (know-how)

Mechanism to mediate access between entities and resources.

Keywords: Access Control and Mediation, Availability and Confidentiality, Autorization Management

Distant-speech interaction (know-how)

Deployment of flexible and non-invasive voice-enabled interfaces in novel application contexts

Keywords: Signal's distorsion, Recognition Accurancy, Smart Objects

Analysis and simulation of room acoustic (know-how)

Analyse how sound is affected when it propagates 

Keywords: Sound Propagation Paths, Acoustic Characterization of Environments, Room Impulse Response Measurement, Analysis and Simulation, Localization and Spatial Selectivity

Music Signal analysis (know-how)

Automatic extraction of relevant cues from audio streams

Keywords: Beat Tracking, Automatic Chord Detector, Analysis of Singing Voice, Automatic Song Identification

Acoustic scene analysis (know-how)

Process and interpret from different perspectives the acoustic information

Keywords: Acoustic Acquisition System, Multi-Source Localization and Tracking, Source Separation, Speech Enhancement, Speaker Identification

Analysis and mapping of organizational processes (know-how)

(Semi-)automatic shaping of knowledge starting from content and data

Keywords: Conceptual Modelling, (Semi-)Automatic Shaping of Knowledge, Logic-Based Representations

Modeling and Mitigation of Registration Noise (know-how)

Reduce the misalignment effects and increase the accuracy of multitemporal information extraction methods

Keywords: Registration Noise, Distortions in VHR Images, Increasing the Accuracy

Multisensor Homogenization and changed detection (know-how)

Detection of changes in multisensor multitemporal VHR optical images

Keywords: Detection of Changes, Multisensor Data Homogenization

Management of linguistic resources (know-how)

Features for linguitic communication analysis and management

Keywords: Support HLT, Optimize HLT

Analysis and processing written text (know-how)

Features for linguitic communication analysis

Keywords: Speeding up SVMs, Time Reduction, Evaluation of Emotional, Linguitic Communication, Semantic content

Analysing, modeling data by brain inspection (know-how)

Promotion of interdisciplinary research in cognitive neuroscience

Keywords: Neuroinformatics, Neuroimaging Techniques, Magnetoencephalography, Brain Activity Record, Un/Supervise Tract Segmentation

Internet of services (know-how)

Permits to user to access to the millions of services available on the Web and on mobile phones.

Keywords: Access service, Web and Mobile application, Provide Right Solution, Contestualization and Customization

Collective systems (know-how)

Support the modelling, execution, and adaptation of Collettive Systems.

Keywords: Collective Entity, Collection of Entities, Support CS Adaption, Pervasive Computing

Smart mobility (know-how)

Test solution to favorite the adoption of advanced software solutions that make more accessible and easy mobility services.

Keywords: Software Solutions, Mobility Services, Citizen Tool, Testing Domain

Tangible interfaces (know-how)

Interactive design for human support.

Keywords: Advanced Embedded Technologies, Body Sensor Networks, Wearable Computing, Smart Environments, Data Handling

Marketing Virality (know-how)

Marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networking technologies to achieve marketing objectives through viral processes.

Keywords: Marketing Technique, Social Networking, Viral Processes

Customer behaviour (know-how)

Model human behavior in different settings and build systems able to understand them.

Keywords: Behaviour Modeling, Features Extraction, Users Monitoring, Detection

ICT4Development (know-how)

Spread the use of ICT to support communities in needs.

Keywords: Community Support, Experimenting Systems, People Needs, Sustainability

Microfluidic & Lab on a Chip (know-how)

Realization of microfluidic sensors with MEMS/CMOS fabrication processes.

Keywords: Microsystems, MEMS/CMOS Fabbrication Processes, Polymer-Based Devices

Power harvesting (know-how)

Power micro-generators to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Keywords: Micro-Generators, Energy Harvesters, MEMS, Electrical Energy, Resonator, Mass Oscillation

Radio frequency microelectromechanical system (RFMEMS) (know-how)

Microelectromechanical systems with electronic components comprising moving sub-millimeter-sized parts that provide radio frequency functionality.

Keywords: Micromechanical Resonators, RF Components, Microelectrometrichal System,

Earth monitoring and mapping (know-how)

Develope systems which effectively map and monitor the Earth.

Keywords: Integrated Systems, Digital Monitoring, Earth Management, Environmental Control, Data Collection

Materials for Hydrogen Storage (know-how)

Develope new hydrogen storage systems, safer and economic.

Keywords: Energy Storage, Recovery System, Hydrogen, Environmental, Renewable Sources

Mathematical and Computational Epidemic Models (know-how)

Develope solutions to study how disease spreads and can be controlled.

Keywords: Disease Spreads, Epidemiology, Individual Behavior

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