Our facilities and laboratories are provided with high tech and top professional equipment and professional figures able to guarantee excellent research outputs. Here you can find the description of our facilities available to external clients and partners for ther R&D activities.

Clean Room and Micro nano facility

Micro-Nano characterization and fabrication facility laboratory

Keywords: Analysis; Microfabbrication

Microbiology Lab

Laboratory of Biomolecular Sequence and Structure Analysis for Health

Keywords: Genomics; Biophysics; Bioimaging; Bionanotechnology and Bioinformatics

Neuroinformatics Lab

Interdisciplinary research in cognitive neuroscience.

Keywords: Brain Decoding; Brain Mapping; Brain Connectivity

New Materials Lab

Functional Materials & Photonic Structures Laboratory

Keywords: Plasma Processes; Thin Films; Coating Materials; Surfaces and Nanostructures

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