Clean Room and Micro nano facility


Micro-Nano characterization and fabrication facility laboratory

Research center: CMM



The Micro-nano characterization and fabbrication laboratory is open to external customers belonging to both the research and the industrial world, interested in: Material characterization. The lab focues the research activities on the development and application of surface science analytical techniques and related methodologies for the characterization of materials at the micro and nano scale; Micro-fabbrication and testing, because the research is focused on the development, production and packaging of innovative devices based on silicon compatible technology. Radiation Sensors and MEMS-devices are used for optical and particle detection, transduction, RF and optics. The Microfabrication Area is a 150 mm CMOS like pilot line with 2 Clean Rooms for device realization focused on: Radiation Detectors and MEMS. With more than 20 years of experience, the complete development cycle of advanced micro devices is covered for both R&D and production.

Keywords: Analysis; Microfabbrication

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