Sensor Characterization and Calibration (know-how)

Analysis and Validation of sensors performances

Keywords: Optical Active Sensors, Laser Scanners, Industrial Inspections, Videometrics and Machine Vision, Conservation and Representation of Cultural and Natural Heritages, 3D Monitoring, Modelling and Mapping

Hydrogen technologies (know-how)

Developing solution to use Hydrogen to store energy and convert it in electrical power.

Keywords: Simulation & Modelling, Hydrogen Storage, Green Systems, Energy Storage, Electrical Power Conversion, Heating

Code analysis and testing (know-how)

Provide advanced testing techniques and tools.

Keywords: Testing, Case Generation, Model Driven, Code Analysis

Software engineering and requirement analysis (know-how)

Menagement of complex software systems.

Keywords: Software Systems Analysis, Risk Modelling and Measuring, Elicitation and Evolution

Embedded system (know-how)

Design, developement and verification of embedded system

Keywords: Embedded Systems, Design, Development and Verification, Computer-Based Systems

3D modelling (know-how)

Metrology and 3D survey and analysis techniques

Keywords: 3D monitoring, modelling and mapping, digital reconstruction, GIS and cartography application, human body modelling, photogrammetry, videometrics and machine vision

Smart Interfaces (know-how)

Develop intelligent and interactive interfaces

Keywords: Social Technologies, Benefits and Welfare, Semplify Life Activities, Human Behaviors

Image understanding (know-how)

Recognizing and classifying all the entities appearing in an image

Keywords: Image Classification and Retrieval, Object Detection and Localization, Text Extraction and Pattern Detection

3D Image sensors (know-how)

Design, simulation and fabbrication of 3D Image sensors

Keywords: CMOS Technolgies, Photo-Demodulators Devices, 3D Image Sensors

Monitoring and video analytics (know-how)

Develope computer vision non-invasive technologies for monitoring complex environments and for dynamic scene understanding

Keywords: Environment Monitoring, Scene Understanding, Object Tracking, People Re-Identification, Activity Recognition, Behavior Analysis, Anomaly Detection

Augmented reality (know-how)

Develope low-complexity computer vision methods for relate services

Keywords: Geo-Referenced information, Pattern and Landmark Detection, Camera-to-World Registration, Text Detection in Scene Images, Gesture and Activity Recognition

Distant-speech interaction (know-how)

Deployment of flexible and non-invasive voice-enabled interfaces in novel application contexts

Keywords: Signal's distorsion, Recognition Accurancy, Smart Objects

Analysis and simulation of room acoustic (know-how)

Analyse how sound is affected when it propagates 

Keywords: Sound Propagation Paths, Acoustic Characterization of Environments, Room Impulse Response Measurement, Analysis and Simulation, Localization and Spatial Selectivity

Acoustic scene analysis (know-how)

Process and interpret from different perspectives the acoustic information

Keywords: Acoustic Acquisition System, Multi-Source Localization and Tracking, Source Separation, Speech Enhancement, Speaker Identification

Power harvesting (know-how)

Power micro-generators to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Keywords: Micro-Generators, Energy Harvesters, MEMS, Electrical Energy, Resonator, Mass Oscillation

Radio frequency microelectromechanical system (RFMEMS) (know-how)

Microelectromechanical systems with electronic components comprising moving sub-millimeter-sized parts that provide radio frequency functionality.

Keywords: Micromechanical Resonators, RF Components, Microelectrometrichal System,

Materials for Hydrogen Storage (know-how)

Develope new hydrogen storage systems, safer and economic.

Keywords: Energy Storage, Recovery System, Hydrogen, Environmental, Renewable Sources

Hydrogen based Power to Power system, to manage intermittent sources versus demand from end users (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Oxide cell, Hydrogen Solid Storage, Heating, Catalytic Hydrogen Burner

Modelling and Prototypation of energy system (tool)

Modelling methods and solution for prototypation

Keywords: Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamic, Structural Mechanics, Diffusion Applied to Energy Component and Systems

Energy Plans, Development of Energy Scenarios and Transitions (tool)

Green organisation and planning for enviroment preservation

Keywords: Design Energy Plans, Scenario and Transitions, Reduce Global Environment

Computational vision (tool)

Vision Sensors not only capture the target image but also try to gather extra information directly at the chip level

Keywords: Vision Sensors, Chip Level, Ultra Low Power Sesors, Image Extractor,

Time-of-flight 3D (tool)

Measurement of the round-trip time needed by a light pulse to travel from the measurement system to a target and back again

Keywords: Pre-Crash Warning, Driver Assistance, People Monitoring, Gesture Analyser, Three-Dimensional Positioning

Smart Track (tool)

Person tracker that uses multiple surveillance-type cameras

Keywords: Person Tracking, Occlusion Detector, Extracted Image Motion

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) (tool)

SAR is an imaging side-looking Radar system.

Keywords: Radar System, Imaging Side-Looking, Very-High Resolution

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