3D Image sensors (know-how)

Design, simulation and fabbrication of 3D Image sensors

Keywords: CMOS Technolgies, Photo-Demodulators Devices, 3D Image Sensors

Silicon Photomultipliers (know-how)

Development of new SiPM technologies, aimed the the optimization of different detector parameters

Keywords: SiPM Technologies, Detector Parameters, Custom Testing Programs, Photo Detection Efficiency, Positron Emission Tomography

Multispectral and Terahertz detectors (know-how)

Several sensing principles in order to obtain multispectral sensing and imaging devices

Keywords: Multispectral Sensing and Imaging Devices, CMOS Technologies, THz Radiation

Microfluidic & Lab on a Chip (know-how)

Realization of microfluidic sensors with MEMS/CMOS fabrication processes.

Keywords: Microsystems, MEMS/CMOS Fabbrication Processes, Polymer-Based Devices

Power harvesting (know-how)

Power micro-generators to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Keywords: Micro-Generators, Energy Harvesters, MEMS, Electrical Energy, Resonator, Mass Oscillation

Radio frequency microelectromechanical system (RFMEMS) (know-how)

Microelectromechanical systems with electronic components comprising moving sub-millimeter-sized parts that provide radio frequency functionality.

Keywords: Micromechanical Resonators, RF Components, Microelectrometrichal System,

Deposition system for nanomaterials (IT) (patent)

Deposition system of a thin film of material nanostructured

Thin Film, Nanostructured material, Deposition System

Improvement in touch sensors devices (IT) (patent)

Improvement in touch sensors devices based on the integration between a piezoelectric transducer film and a transistor FET

Tactile sensor, Piezoelectric Transducer, Pressure

Object analysis (IT, GB, IE, DE, FR) (patent)

Method and apparatus for analyzing an object

Scanning, Data Collection, X-rays

Managing a silicon photomultiplier device (NL, DE, IT, IR) (patent)

Method of managing a silicon photomultiplier device

Silicon Photomultiplier, Photon Detector

Target detection from images (IT) (patent)

Method for efficient target detection from images robust to occlusion.

Image Detection, Spatial Objects Location

Photomultiplier in solid state device (IT) (patent)

Photomultiplier in solid state device and its control system


Electro-optical demodulator (GB, IE, DE, NL, FR) (patent)

Electro-optical demodulator based on buried photodiode

Electro-Optical Demodulator, Photodiode Comprising

Single-photon Imaging (tool)

Detect the arrival of a single photon for each pixel

Keywords: Single-Photon Sensor, CMOS Technology Nodes, Photon Record Number and Time Stamps

Ionizing radiation detection (tool)

Design, simulation and fabbrication of custom silicon detectors for different needs

Keywords: Custom Silicon Detectors, Microstrips, Pixel detectors, PAD detectors

Computational vision (tool)

Vision Sensors not only capture the target image but also try to gather extra information directly at the chip level

Keywords: Vision Sensors, Chip Level, Ultra Low Power Sesors, Image Extractor,

Time-of-flight 3D (tool)

Measurement of the round-trip time needed by a light pulse to travel from the measurement system to a target and back again

Keywords: Pre-Crash Warning, Driver Assistance, People Monitoring, Gesture Analyser, Three-Dimensional Positioning

SocketMaster (tool)

New technique for rapid design and manufacturing of optimized prosthetic sockets for lower limb amputees

Keywords: Personalized, Optimized Prosthetic, Design and Manufacture, Medical Tool, Quality of life

MEMS Mass Flow Sensors for GAIA and LISA Pathfinder Satellite Thrusters (tool)

Space sensors, tempertaure and unbalance detecting

Keywords: Sensor, Temperature Unbalance Detector, MEMS Tech

RF MEMS Switch Technology Platform for Space applications (tool)

Semplifier space comunications

Keywords: MEMS Tech, RF Communications, Electronics Control, Reliability Testing

Integrated system based on photonic microresonator for toxins (SYMPHONY) (tool)

Food analyser for toxin detenction

Keywords: Sampling and Data Analysis, Implement Production Chain, Multi-Fluidic Technologies, Sample Preparation, Dairy Industry

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