Data mining and predictive analysis (know-how)

Processes for analysing data and generate prediction.

Keywords: Prediction, Modelling, Data Analysis

Information extraction (know-how)

Solution to semplify information extraction.

Keywords: Knowledge Elicitation, Data Collection, Translation

Knowledge management system (know-how)

Semplify team work using systems to manage knowledge.

Keywords: Orgnaizer, Infromation Management, Knowledge Sharing

Image understanding (know-how)

Recognizing and classifying all the entities appearing in an image

Keywords: Image Classification and Retrieval, Object Detection and Localization, Text Extraction and Pattern Detection

Analysis and processing written text (know-how)

Features for linguitic communication analysis

Keywords: Speeding up SVMs, Time Reduction, Evaluation of Emotional, Linguitic Communication, Semantic content

Customer behaviour (know-how)

Model human behavior in different settings and build systems able to understand them.

Keywords: Behaviour Modeling, Features Extraction, Users Monitoring, Detection

KnowledgeStore, scalable storage for text and RDF data (tool)

System for interlinking structured and unstructured data

Keywords: Store, Manage and Retrive Data, Knowledge Extraction, Data Space Creation

Contextualized Knowledge Repository (tool)

Web knowledge representation and reasoning framework

Keywords: Knowledge Representation, Reasoning Framework, Semantic Web Needs, Analysis of validity of Published Knowledge

Predictive Monitoring Toolkit (tool)

Output predictor

Keywords: Impact prediction, Prediction Strategy

Multidomain fuzzy sentiment analysis tool (tool)

Web documents analyser

Keywords: Text Analysis, Information extraction and management, Creation of Domain-Specific Models

TextPro (tool)

Features for linguitic communication analysis

Keywords: Texts Analysis, Steps Interactions

NewsReader (tool)

Building structured event indexes of large volumes of financial and economic data for decision making.

Keywords: Info Extractor, Structured Database, Languages

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