High resolution geo data (know-how)

System for spatial and geographical data collection.

Keywords: Geo Information, Information Collection System, Data Management, Mapping

Data mining and predictive analysis (know-how)

Processes for analysing data and generate prediction.

Keywords: Prediction, Modelling, Data Analysis

ICT tools for monitoring patients/citizens health condition (know-how)

ICT offer tools to people involved in the management of the care and welfare

Keywords: ICT Systems for e-health, Management Support, Citizen as Active Players

ICT4Development (know-how)

Spread the use of ICT to support communities in needs.

Keywords: Community Support, Experimenting Systems, People Needs, Sustainability

Microfluidic & Lab on a Chip (know-how)

Realization of microfluidic sensors with MEMS/CMOS fabrication processes.

Keywords: Microsystems, MEMS/CMOS Fabbrication Processes, Polymer-Based Devices

Earth monitoring and mapping (know-how)

Develope systems which effectively map and monitor the Earth.

Keywords: Integrated Systems, Digital Monitoring, Earth Management, Environmental Control, Data Collection

Mathematical and Computational Epidemic Models (know-how)

Develope solutions to study how disease spreads and can be controlled.

Keywords: Disease Spreads, Epidemiology, Individual Behavior

BringTheFood (tool)

Crowdsourcing web/mobile application that allows donors to publish offers and easily coordinate collections.

Keywords: Food Waste, Logistic, Sharing Information, Application, Social Solutions

GASApp (tool)

A platform that matches local buyers' demand and local producers' offer.

Keywords: Local Products, Link between Demand and Offer, Promotion, Social Solution

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