Information extraction (know-how)

Solution to semplify information extraction.

Keywords: Knowledge Elicitation, Data Collection, Translation

Knowledge management system (know-how)

Semplify team work using systems to manage knowledge.

Keywords: Orgnaizer, Infromation Management, Knowledge Sharing

3D modelling (know-how)

Metrology and 3D survey and analysis techniques

Keywords: 3D monitoring, modelling and mapping, digital reconstruction, GIS and cartography application, human body modelling, photogrammetry, videometrics and machine vision

Machine translation (know-how)

Integration of human and Machine translation

Keywords: Translation Tools, Interactive Post-Editing, Improved system for Language Evaluation

Image understanding (know-how)

Recognizing and classifying all the entities appearing in an image

Keywords: Image Classification and Retrieval, Object Detection and Localization, Text Extraction and Pattern Detection

Monitoring and video analytics (know-how)

Develope computer vision non-invasive technologies for monitoring complex environments and for dynamic scene understanding

Keywords: Environment Monitoring, Scene Understanding, Object Tracking, People Re-Identification, Activity Recognition, Behavior Analysis, Anomaly Detection

Augmented reality (know-how)

Develope low-complexity computer vision methods for relate services

Keywords: Geo-Referenced information, Pattern and Landmark Detection, Camera-to-World Registration, Text Detection in Scene Images, Gesture and Activity Recognition

Music Signal analysis (know-how)

Automatic extraction of relevant cues from audio streams

Keywords: Beat Tracking, Automatic Chord Detector, Analysis of Singing Voice, Automatic Song Identification

Management of linguistic resources (know-how)

Features for linguitic communication analysis and management

Keywords: Support HLT, Optimize HLT

Analysis and processing written text (know-how)

Features for linguitic communication analysis

Keywords: Speeding up SVMs, Time Reduction, Evaluation of Emotional, Linguitic Communication, Semantic content

Marketing Virality (know-how)

Marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networking technologies to achieve marketing objectives through viral processes.

Keywords: Marketing Technique, Social Networking, Viral Processes

Customer behaviour (know-how)

Model human behavior in different settings and build systems able to understand them.

Keywords: Behaviour Modeling, Features Extraction, Users Monitoring, Detection

Modelling wiKi (MoKI) (tool)

Team work organiser and easy information's sharing

Keywords: Integrated Domain, Process Models, Easy Editing, Automatic Import and Export, Predefined Semantic Structures, Term Extraction and Evalutation Functionalities, Graphical Editing

KnowledgeStore, scalable storage for text and RDF data (tool)

System for interlinking structured and unstructured data

Keywords: Store, Manage and Retrive Data, Knowledge Extraction, Data Space Creation

Contextualized Knowledge Repository (tool)

Web knowledge representation and reasoning framework

Keywords: Knowledge Representation, Reasoning Framework, Semantic Web Needs, Analysis of validity of Published Knowledge

KnowPic (tool)

A knowldege-based system for the understanding of picture content


Adaptative Quality Estimation Tool (tool)

Translation quality analyser

Keywords: Performing Quality Estimation, Machine Translation, Automatic Translation, Computer-Assisted Translation

T-mop (tool)

Translation Memory Open-source Purifier

Keywords: Computer-Assisted Translation, Translation Memory.

MT-EQuAl (tool)

Tool for manual assesment of machine translation

Keywords: Annotation Interface, Adequacy, Fluency, Translation Errors, Word-Alignment, Annotation, Project Management

Smart Track (tool)

Person tracker that uses multiple surveillance-type cameras

Keywords: Person Tracking, Occlusion Detector, Extracted Image Motion

Traffic analyser (Scoca) (tool)

Video-based road junction monitoring system that is able to extract and collect traffic data in realtime

Keywords: Road Junction Monitoring System, Real Time Data Collection, Track Moving Objects

MOdelling wiKI Platform (tool)

Team work organiser, share information

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Easy Linking and Exposing Knowledge

Predictive Monitoring Toolkit (tool)

Output predictor

Keywords: Impact prediction, Prediction Strategy

Multidomain fuzzy sentiment analysis tool (tool)

Web documents analyser

Keywords: Text Analysis, Information extraction and management, Creation of Domain-Specific Models

TextPro (tool)

Features for linguitic communication analysis

Keywords: Texts Analysis, Steps Interactions

WordNet Domains (tool)

Semi-automatic cretaion of lexical resource

Keywords: WordNet Implementation, Semi-Automatic Cretaion of lexical resource

MultiWord-Net (tool)

Multilingual lexical database

Keywords: Multilingual Lexical Database, Princeton WordNet, Synsets Relations

NewsReader (tool)

Building structured event indexes of large volumes of financial and economic data for decision making.

Keywords: Info Extractor, Structured Database, Languages

ModernMT (tool)

Statistical machine translation system

Keywords: Machine Translation, Translation Model

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