Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) (know-how)

Capacity to pick up solar power and convert it in usable energy

Keywords: Simulation & Modelling, Solar Thermodynamic Systems, Micro-Cogeneration, CSP, Green Systems, Solar Energy, Heating

Hydrogen technologies (know-how)

Developing solution to use Hydrogen to store energy and convert it in electrical power.

Keywords: Simulation & Modelling, Hydrogen Storage, Green Systems, Energy Storage, Electrical Power Conversion, Heating

Smart buildings & Communities (know-how)

Develop solution to reduse energy consumption in public and private buildings.

Keywords: Green Buildings, Reduce Global Environment, Reduce wastfulness, Green City, Future Design, Heating

Energy efficient networked embedded system (know-how)

Energy efficient embedded systems hardware and software development

Keywords: Wearables Systems Energy, Wireless sensor networks, Battery-Powered, Power Consumption

Internet of services (know-how)

Permits to user to access to the millions of services available on the Web and on mobile phones.

Keywords: Access service, Web and Mobile application, Provide Right Solution, Contestualization and Customization

Radio frequency microelectromechanical system (RFMEMS) (know-how)

Microelectromechanical systems with electronic components comprising moving sub-millimeter-sized parts that provide radio frequency functionality.

Keywords: Micromechanical Resonators, RF Components, Microelectrometrichal System,

Materials for Hydrogen Storage (know-how)

Develope new hydrogen storage systems, safer and economic.

Keywords: Energy Storage, Recovery System, Hydrogen, Environmental, Renewable Sources

High solar energy absorber covering layer (IT) (patent)

Multiple layer covering with high solar energy absorption and low heat emissions, cermet composite, use and procedures for production

Energy Absorption, Low Heat Emissions, Cover

Solar Absorber to convert photons into thermal power (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Solar Absorber, Solar Converter, Thermodynamic cycle

Stirling Engine, a prime mover to cogenerate energy at medium temperatures (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Stirling Engines, Heat Converter, CSP,

Hydrogen based Power to Power system, to manage intermittent sources versus demand from end users (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Oxide cell, Hydrogen Solid Storage, Heating, Catalytic Hydrogen Burner

Volumetric Solar Receiver for high temperature application in central reciver towers (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Solar Reciver, Solar Synthesis of Fuels, Central Towers

Modelling and Prototypation of energy system (tool)

Modelling methods and solution for prototypation

Keywords: Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamic, Structural Mechanics, Diffusion Applied to Energy Component and Systems

Energy Plans, Development of Energy Scenarios and Transitions (tool)

Green organisation and planning for enviroment preservation

Keywords: Design Energy Plans, Scenario and Transitions, Reduce Global Environment

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