Code analysis and testing (know-how)

Provide advanced testing techniques and tools.

Keywords: Testing, Case Generation, Model Driven, Code Analysis

Software engineering and requirement analysis (know-how)

Menagement of complex software systems.

Keywords: Software Systems Analysis, Risk Modelling and Measuring, Elicitation and Evolution

Data mining and predictive analysis (know-how)

Processes for analysing data and generate prediction.

Keywords: Prediction, Modelling, Data Analysis

Embedded system (know-how)

Design, developement and verification of embedded system

Keywords: Embedded Systems, Design, Development and Verification, Computer-Based Systems

Web-based authentication and authorization protocols (know-how)

Aim at securing the interaction between web-applications.

Keywords: Web Security Protocols, Authentication and Authorization Management

Mobile security (know-how)

Support authentication and authorization protocols on mobile devices

Keywords: Systematic Security Analysis, Anddroid Security, Authentication and Authorization Protocols

Securityh of cloud-based and service-oriented applications and infrastructure (know-how)

Mechanism to mediate access between entities and resources.

Keywords: Access Control and Mediation, Availability and Confidentiality, Autorization Management

Automated monitor synthesis tool for securing business application (tool)

Security-aware workflow management systems

Keywords: Online data security, Execution of Security-Sensitive, Authorization Policies, Constraints

blackbox testing of security-critics multiparty web application (tool)

Online data security

Keywords: Black-Box, Security Testing of MPWAs, Payment and Identity Management

Maverik (tool)

Online data security

Keywords: Automated Security Analysis, Risk Report, Mobile Security

Security Threat Identification And Testing (tool)

SAT-based model checker for secyrity protocols and security sensitive application

Keywords: Check Attacks, Vulnerability

Security threat identification and testing toolkit (tool)

Security Threat Identification And Testing

Keywords: Security Assessment, Automated Threat Analysis, Security Testing Techniques

Testbed for repeatible exploits (tool)

Testbed for exploit

Keywords: Testbed for Reputable Exploits, Generate Security Reports

Managing Risk and Costs in Open Source Software Adoption (RISCOSS) (tool)

Security Threat Identification And Testing.

Keywords: Risk Identification, Open Source Software, Threat Testimg

Taom4e (tool)

A Tool for Agent Oriented Modeling, including the t2x Jadex agent generation tool (Eclipse plug-ins).

Keywords: Eclipse Plug-up, Tropos Goal Methodology, Agent Oriented Modeling

EvoSuite MOSA (tool)

Tool for automated test case generation for Java.

Keywords: Test Cases, Java Code, Virtual System and Network

Advanced Software Protection: Integration, Research and Exploitation (ASPIRE) (tool)

Trustworthy software execution on untrusted mobile platforms to protect devices.

Keywords: Mobile Software Security, Protection Models, Validated Attacks

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