Smart buildings & Communities (know-how)

Develop solution to reduse energy consumption in public and private buildings.

Keywords: Green Buildings, Reduce Global Environment, Reduce wastfulness, Green City, Future Design, Heating

High resolution geo data (know-how)

System for spatial and geographical data collection.

Keywords: Geo Information, Information Collection System, Data Management, Mapping

Data mining and predictive analysis (know-how)

Processes for analysing data and generate prediction.

Keywords: Prediction, Modelling, Data Analysis

Smart Interfaces (know-how)

Develop intelligent and interactive interfaces

Keywords: Social Technologies, Benefits and Welfare, Semplify Life Activities, Human Behaviors

Image understanding (know-how)

Recognizing and classifying all the entities appearing in an image

Keywords: Image Classification and Retrieval, Object Detection and Localization, Text Extraction and Pattern Detection

Web-based authentication and authorization protocols (know-how)

Aim at securing the interaction between web-applications.

Keywords: Web Security Protocols, Authentication and Authorization Management

Securityh of cloud-based and service-oriented applications and infrastructure (know-how)

Mechanism to mediate access between entities and resources.

Keywords: Access Control and Mediation, Availability and Confidentiality, Autorization Management

Distant-speech interaction (know-how)

Deployment of flexible and non-invasive voice-enabled interfaces in novel application contexts

Keywords: Signal's distorsion, Recognition Accurancy, Smart Objects

Acoustic scene analysis (know-how)

Process and interpret from different perspectives the acoustic information

Keywords: Acoustic Acquisition System, Multi-Source Localization and Tracking, Source Separation, Speech Enhancement, Speaker Identification

Internet of services (know-how)

Permits to user to access to the millions of services available on the Web and on mobile phones.

Keywords: Access service, Web and Mobile application, Provide Right Solution, Contestualization and Customization

Collective systems (know-how)

Support the modelling, execution, and adaptation of Collettive Systems.

Keywords: Collective Entity, Collection of Entities, Support CS Adaption, Pervasive Computing

Smart mobility (know-how)

Test solution to favorite the adoption of advanced software solutions that make more accessible and easy mobility services.

Keywords: Software Solutions, Mobility Services, Citizen Tool, Testing Domain

ICT4Development (know-how)

Spread the use of ICT to support communities in needs.

Keywords: Community Support, Experimenting Systems, People Needs, Sustainability

Hydrogen based Power to Power system, to manage intermittent sources versus demand from end users (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Oxide cell, Hydrogen Solid Storage, Heating, Catalytic Hydrogen Burner

Energy Plans, Development of Energy Scenarios and Transitions (tool)

Green organisation and planning for enviroment preservation

Keywords: Design Energy Plans, Scenario and Transitions, Reduce Global Environment

toolisse (tool)

Platform which offers technologically advanced services and solutions for turism

Keywords: Promotion of Experiences and Events, Manage Tourists Card and Services, Travel Guides, Tourists Sentiment, Collect Experience Stories, Interaction with Tourist's Devices

Smart Track (tool)

Person tracker that uses multiple surveillance-type cameras

Keywords: Person Tracking, Occlusion Detector, Extracted Image Motion

Traffic analyser (Scoca) (tool)

Video-based road junction monitoring system that is able to extract and collect traffic data in realtime

Keywords: Road Junction Monitoring System, Real Time Data Collection, Track Moving Objects

BringTheFood (tool)

Crowdsourcing web/mobile application that allows donors to publish offers and easily coordinate collections.

Keywords: Food Waste, Logistic, Sharing Information, Application, Social Solutions

GASApp (tool)

A platform that matches local buyers' demand and local producers' offer.

Keywords: Local Products, Link between Demand and Offer, Promotion, Social Solution

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