Optoelettronica Italia

Optoelettronica Italia

Microelectronic silicon sensors and Microsystems, SMART electronic systems, Microelectronic MEMS devices.

Link: http://www.optoi.com/it/home

Application fields

Standard and custom applications in the industrial, environmental, biomedical, telecommunication and aerospace fields.


Optoelettronica Italia manufactures and sells Microelectronic silicon sensors, Hybrid modules and Microsystems, smart electronic systems, as well as microelectronic MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices. They support customer companies in order to solve all their requirements connected to component replacement, when it is impossible to find the microelectronic component of interest, or to find the right alternative "second source" in the market. In this case, they are able to follow all the necessary activities with the right expertise, through bench marketing analyses, design, engineering, production and assembly of an equivalent component.

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