Practix is a company that produces software in the field of group interaction and designs and produces collaborative man-machinetabletop interfaces to facilitate collaborative learning and group work.


Application fields

The technology developed by Practix lends itself perfectly to use in different environments, for instance for training and in museums, and for group work and decision-making support. The software that Practix develops is also useful for brainstorming, forprofessional training and education in schools, for problem solving and for any other activities with educational objectives. Through simple and intuitive movements of fingers on a screen, users can manipulate, move, share and modify documents and virtual objects.


The objective of Practix is to realise and commercialise highly innovative software for multi-touch and multi-user devices that supports group work and collaborative learning, designed according to the most modern HCI (Human Computer Interaction) standards. Hardware and software table technologies facilitate and encourage communication between group members, the sharing of ideas, collaborative action, shared access to documents, and decision processes, all through the creation of group dynamics that would not be possible through face-to-face interactions alone.

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