Solar Absorber to convert photons into thermal power (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Solar Absorber, Solar Converter, Thermodynamic cycle

Stirling Engine, a prime mover to cogenerate energy at medium temperatures (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Stirling Engines, Heat Converter, CSP,

Hydrogen based Power to Power system, to manage intermittent sources versus demand from end users (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Oxide cell, Hydrogen Solid Storage, Heating, Catalytic Hydrogen Burner

Volumetric Solar Receiver for high temperature application in central reciver towers (tool)

Production of energy from renovable sources

Keywords: Solar Reciver, Solar Synthesis of Fuels, Central Towers

Modelling and Prototypation of energy system (tool)

Modelling methods and solution for prototypation

Keywords: Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamic, Structural Mechanics, Diffusion Applied to Energy Component and Systems

Energy Plans, Development of Energy Scenarios and Transitions (tool)

Green organisation and planning for enviroment preservation

Keywords: Design Energy Plans, Scenario and Transitions, Reduce Global Environment

Modelling wiKi (MoKI) (tool)

Team work organiser and easy information's sharing

Keywords: Integrated Domain, Process Models, Easy Editing, Automatic Import and Export, Predefined Semantic Structures, Term Extraction and Evalutation Functionalities, Graphical Editing

KnowledgeStore, scalable storage for text and RDF data (tool)

System for interlinking structured and unstructured data

Keywords: Store, Manage and Retrive Data, Knowledge Extraction, Data Space Creation

Contextualized Knowledge Repository (tool)

Web knowledge representation and reasoning framework

Keywords: Knowledge Representation, Reasoning Framework, Semantic Web Needs, Analysis of validity of Published Knowledge

KnowPic (tool)

A knowldege-based system for the understanding of picture content


toolisse (tool)

Platform which offers technologically advanced services and solutions for turism

Keywords: Promotion of Experiences and Events, Manage Tourists Card and Services, Travel Guides, Tourists Sentiment, Collect Experience Stories, Interaction with Tourist's Devices

Smart 3D Pen (tool)

Device for 3D printer

Keywords: Pen-Shaped Device, Inertial Sensing Capabilities, Draw in 3D, Copy Physical Objects, Sketching and Contouring

Inertial Body Area Network (tool)

Werable technology

Keywords: Bluetooth Inertial Measurements, Movements Monitor, Mobile Devices Interation

Enhanced digital pen for assisted writing (tool)

Rehabilitation and assistance

Keywords: Real-Time Audio Feedback, Impairments Motor Movements, Writing Characteristics Analysis, Rehabilitation

Cartella Clinica del Cittadino (TreC Project) (tool)

Personal Health Record System for Citizens

Keywords: Services for Citizens, Self-Tracking Tool for Wellbeing, Improve Chronic Disease Care

TreC_lab Pollens (tool)

Up-to-date data on the concentrations of pollen

Keywords: Botanical Information, Pollen detector, Allergy prevention, Citizen Wellness

TreC_lab Diabetes (tool)

Diary that allows patients to record blood glucose level, meal composition with carbohydrate content, and physical activity

Keywords: Blood Analysis, Diabetes Management, Notice Risky Conditions, Faster Intervention

TreC_lab Atshma Diary (tool)

Daily diary that support self-management of asthmatic patients

Keywords: Support Self-Management, Asthmatic Patients, Reduce Worse Condition, Direct Notice to Professional Figure, Faster Intervention

TreC Hearth Failure Diary (tool)

Daily diary that support self-monitoring in heart failure patients

Keywords: Support Self-Management, Heart Patients, Reduce Worse Condition, Direct Notice to Professional Figure, Faster Intervention

TreC Hypertension Diary (tool)

Help general practitioners diagnosing hypertension

Keywords: Support Self-Management,Hypertension Patients, Reduce Worse Condition, Direct Notice to Professional Figure, Faster Intervention

OncoSys (tool)

Electronic Oncological Patient Record System

Keywords: Patient Management, Oncological Patients, Facilitate Organisation

Single-photon Imaging (tool)

Detect the arrival of a single photon for each pixel

Keywords: Single-Photon Sensor, CMOS Technology Nodes, Photon Record Number and Time Stamps

Adaptative Quality Estimation Tool (tool)

Translation quality analyser

Keywords: Performing Quality Estimation, Machine Translation, Automatic Translation, Computer-Assisted Translation

T-mop (tool)

Translation Memory Open-source Purifier

Keywords: Computer-Assisted Translation, Translation Memory.

MT-EQuAl (tool)

Tool for manual assesment of machine translation

Keywords: Annotation Interface, Adequacy, Fluency, Translation Errors, Word-Alignment, Annotation, Project Management

MagicLamp (tool)

Interactive learning design device

Keywords: Educators Helper Device, Autism Therapeutic Tool

Gaze&read (tool)

Rehabilitation and assistance device

Keywords: Eye Tracking, Text-To-Speech Software, Voice Synthesis andTranslation

Ionizing radiation detection (tool)

Design, simulation and fabbrication of custom silicon detectors for different needs

Keywords: Custom Silicon Detectors, Microstrips, Pixel detectors, PAD detectors

Computational vision (tool)

Vision Sensors not only capture the target image but also try to gather extra information directly at the chip level

Keywords: Vision Sensors, Chip Level, Ultra Low Power Sesors, Image Extractor,

Time-of-flight 3D (tool)

Measurement of the round-trip time needed by a light pulse to travel from the measurement system to a target and back again

Keywords: Pre-Crash Warning, Driver Assistance, People Monitoring, Gesture Analyser, Three-Dimensional Positioning

Smart Track (tool)

Person tracker that uses multiple surveillance-type cameras

Keywords: Person Tracking, Occlusion Detector, Extracted Image Motion

Traffic analyser (Scoca) (tool)

Video-based road junction monitoring system that is able to extract and collect traffic data in realtime

Keywords: Road Junction Monitoring System, Real Time Data Collection, Track Moving Objects

Automated monitor synthesis tool for securing business application (tool)

Security-aware workflow management systems

Keywords: Online data security, Execution of Security-Sensitive, Authorization Policies, Constraints

blackbox testing of security-critics multiparty web application (tool)

Online data security

Keywords: Black-Box, Security Testing of MPWAs, Payment and Identity Management

Maverik (tool)

Online data security

Keywords: Automated Security Analysis, Risk Report, Mobile Security

Security Threat Identification And Testing (tool)

SAT-based model checker for secyrity protocols and security sensitive application

Keywords: Check Attacks, Vulnerability

Security threat identification and testing toolkit (tool)

Security Threat Identification And Testing

Keywords: Security Assessment, Automated Threat Analysis, Security Testing Techniques

Testbed for repeatible exploits (tool)

Testbed for exploit

Keywords: Testbed for Reputable Exploits, Generate Security Reports

MOdelling wiKI Platform (tool)

Team work organiser, share information

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Easy Linking and Exposing Knowledge

Subject-oriented sUggestions for Re-design of Factory workplaces (tool)

Shering ideas and problem, work health

Keywords: Design Workspace Process, Share Suggestions, Company Managemnt

Predictive Monitoring Toolkit (tool)

Output predictor

Keywords: Impact prediction, Prediction Strategy

Multidomain fuzzy sentiment analysis tool (tool)

Web documents analyser

Keywords: Text Analysis, Information extraction and management, Creation of Domain-Specific Models

TextPro (tool)

Features for linguitic communication analysis

Keywords: Texts Analysis, Steps Interactions

WordNet Domains (tool)

Semi-automatic cretaion of lexical resource

Keywords: WordNet Implementation, Semi-Automatic Cretaion of lexical resource

MultiWord-Net (tool)

Multilingual lexical database

Keywords: Multilingual Lexical Database, Princeton WordNet, Synsets Relations

NeuroBox (tool)

Remotely manage scripts for data analysis, job instantiation and queue management on high performance computing services

Keywords: OwnCloud Web Interface, Manage Scripts for Data Analysis, High Performance Computing Services

Interactive tractography segmentation (tool)

Interactive tool for human brain tractography segmentation

Keywords: Clustering the Tractography, 3D scene

SocketMaster (tool)

New technique for rapid design and manufacturing of optimized prosthetic sockets for lower limb amputees

Keywords: Personalized, Optimized Prosthetic, Design and Manufacture, Medical Tool, Quality of life

MEMS Mass Flow Sensors for GAIA and LISA Pathfinder Satellite Thrusters (tool)

Space sensors, tempertaure and unbalance detecting

Keywords: Sensor, Temperature Unbalance Detector, MEMS Tech

RF MEMS Switch Technology Platform for Space applications (tool)

Semplifier space comunications

Keywords: MEMS Tech, RF Communications, Electronics Control, Reliability Testing

Integrated system based on photonic microresonator for toxins (SYMPHONY) (tool)

Food analyser for toxin detenction

Keywords: Sampling and Data Analysis, Implement Production Chain, Multi-Fluidic Technologies, Sample Preparation, Dairy Industry

BringTheFood (tool)

Crowdsourcing web/mobile application that allows donors to publish offers and easily coordinate collections.

Keywords: Food Waste, Logistic, Sharing Information, Application, Social Solutions

GASApp (tool)

A platform that matches local buyers' demand and local producers' offer.

Keywords: Local Products, Link between Demand and Offer, Promotion, Social Solution

NewsReader (tool)

Building structured event indexes of large volumes of financial and economic data for decision making.

Keywords: Info Extractor, Structured Database, Languages

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) (tool)

SAR is an imaging side-looking Radar system.

Keywords: Radar System, Imaging Side-Looking, Very-High Resolution

LiDAR in Forestry (tool)

Light detection and ranging for conifer species classification approach.

Keywords: LiDAR, Forest Characterization, Green, Principal Component Analysis, Crown Geometric Features

Managing Risk and Costs in Open Source Software Adoption (RISCOSS) (tool)

Security Threat Identification And Testing.

Keywords: Risk Identification, Open Source Software, Threat Testimg

Taom4e (tool)

A Tool for Agent Oriented Modeling, including the t2x Jadex agent generation tool (Eclipse plug-ins).

Keywords: Eclipse Plug-up, Tropos Goal Methodology, Agent Oriented Modeling

EvoSuite MOSA (tool)

Tool for automated test case generation for Java.

Keywords: Test Cases, Java Code, Virtual System and Network

Advanced Software Protection: Integration, Research and Exploitation (ASPIRE) (tool)

Trustworthy software execution on untrusted mobile platforms to protect devices.

Keywords: Mobile Software Security, Protection Models, Validated Attacks

ModernMT (tool)

Statistical machine translation system

Keywords: Machine Translation, Translation Model

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