Technologies of vision

Video and image analytics and understanding, vision for augmented reality.

Keywords: Monitoring and Video Analytics; Image Understanding; Augmented Reality

Speech acoustic scene analysis and interpretation

Audio processing and distant-speech recognition.

Keywords: Acoustic scene analysis; Analysis and simulation of room acoustics; Distant-speech interaction; Music signal analysis

Data & Knowledge Management

Multimedia processing, semantic access to large information bases and decision support systems.

Keywords: Knowledge Elicitation and Modeling; Knowledge Representation; Knowledge Services

Natural Language Processing

Syntactic, semantic and pragmatic processing of written texts.

Keywords: Content Processing; Resources and Evaluation

Machine Translation

Spoken and written language translation.

Keywords: Machine Translation systems, Computer-Assisted Translation, Post-Editing, Machine Translation Quality Estimation, Machine Translation Evaluation

Shape & Evolve Living Knowledge

Living inventory of knowledge.

Keywords: Control & Data Flow Representation; Information Extraction & Mining; Models Analysis & Evolution

Digital Humanities

Digital in social sciences.

Keywords: Historical Content Analysis; Temporal and Spatial Content Tracking; Crowdsourcing for Humanities; Language Complexity and Readability; Data Visualization

Predictive Models for Biomedicine and Environment

Mathematical models and ICT platforms for high dimensional data.

Keywords: Data Mining Predittivo; Computational Pipelines for reproducible research; Individual Based Epidemiologic Models; High Resolution Geodata

Remote sensing for Digital Earth

Remote sensing and pattern recognition technologies for supporting a digital monitoring, analysis and sustainable management of the Earth.

Keywords: Modeling and Mitigation of Registration Noise; MultiSensor Homogenization and Change Detection; Sparse feature extraction from LiDAR; Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Embedded Systems

Design, development and verification of embedded systems.

Keywords: Ambient Assisted Living; Contract-Based Design; Control systems; Environmental and structural monitoring; Exploration rovers

Software Engineering

Requirement engineering, code analysis and testing.

Keywords: Requirements engineering; Code analysis and testing

Distributed Adaptive Systems

Advanced methodologies and techniques supporting the definition, development, and management of distributed systems.

Keywords: Internet of Services; Collective Systems; Smart Mobility

Security & Trust

Design and analysis of security-sensitive applications.

Keywords: Web-based Authentication and Authorization Protocols; Mobile Security; Security of Cloud-based and Service-oriented Applications and Infrastructures

Intelligent Interfaces and Interaction

interaction design, automatic behavioral analysis and non-standard interfaces.

Keywords: Designing for Quality of Life; Smart Interfaces; Digital Social Research

Energy Efficient Embedded Digital Architecture

Digital architectures and embedded technologies with a system level approach targeting energy efficiency.

Keywords: Energy efficient digital architectures for sensor fusion; Tangible Interfaces; WBAN and Wearables for Health, Sports and Wellbeing

Functional materials and photonics structures

Developement of new materials.

Keywords: Multifunctional Carbon & Oxide based materials; Nanostructures & Thin Films; Materials for Photovoltaics & Photoactivity; Materials for Hydrogen Storage; Biomaterials; Surface Engineering

Integrated radiation imagers and sensor

Solution for your solid-state detection.

Keywords: 3D Image Sensors; Ionizing Radiation Detectors; Silicon Photomultipliers; Single-Photon Imaging; Computational Vision; Multispectral and THz

Micro system technology

Design and fabrication of microsystems, microdevices and sensors.

Keywords: RF-MEMS; Sensors; Lab-on-chip; Flexible Electronics

3D optical metrology

Measurements and reality-based 3D reconstruction problems

Keywords: Metrology; 3D modelling and reconstruction; Photogrammetry; GIS and cartography

Applied research on energy system

Developement of green technologies to improve quality of life.

Keywords: Concentrated Solar Power; Hydrogen Technologies; Smart Buildings & Communities

ICT for good

Use ICT to support communities in needs and, possibly, contributing to a more sustainable world.

Keywords: Social Needs; Software for Citizen; Environmental

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